How easy it is to slip back into bad habits!

So today I want to talk about how very easy it is to slip back into bad habits when you are training for an event or trying to be healthier. At the moment I am currently in training for my first ever triathlon sprint in Kendal on the 22nd of April, for anyone who doesn’t know a triathlon consists of a Swim, Bike ride and then a Run(not long to go). Sometimes when you are training for such events  it can be very easy to go off track as you think ‘ill be ok I have plenty of time’ as you are doing this for enjoyment rather than competing, the truth is it soon creeps up on you! Now I understand it can’t all be just flat-out training, you need to spend time with friends, family and enjoy doing things you like. But as the old saying goes ‘everything in moderation’. This past weekend  I returned home to see all my mates and family and to have a bit of a blow out…….

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Don’t let things spiral

So as mentioned above I went for a good old-fashioned blow out, sadly for me this didn’t really go to plan! I spent Saturday night getting carried out of the nightclub and put in a taxi home…. pretty embarrassing? Now there is no problem with letting your hair down from time to time and going a bit crazy, but the key thing is not to let it get out of control, don’t let a cheat weekend turn into a cheat week. One thing that really stood out for me over the weekend was how bad I have felt for days after, Sunday I obviously felt absolutely shite and then that carried on even into Monday and Tuesday! If your body isn’t used to a big night on the town try to be careful how much you put down your neck. My weekend consisted of alcohol, terrible food, waking up late and no training….. this has no doubt put me back a few weeks with my training.


Forget about it

Although I know myself that I’m now not where I want to be, it’s no good to sit there and feel sorry for yourself or make excuses. At the end of the day its been and gone and there isn’t anything you can change or do about it! So just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just work your arse off to get back into the position you want to be at. Because when you are training up for an event its you vs you, no one else can get you up out of bed and drag you out for a run or to the gym. So find it within yourself to forget about the weekend just gone and learn some valuable lessons moving forward, and make sure you don’t end up getting smashed every single weekend! otherwise you will see your personal results disappear in the blink of an eye. I’m obviously not telling anyone to never drink or eat something bad again because it  happens from time to time. But if you are really serious about wanting to get into shape or do an event to the best of your ability you need to consider the choices you are making…..


Thank you for taking the time to read my post everyone! Let me know any feedback or leave me a comment!!