5 Instagram accounts you should be following!

If you are anything like me, Instagram is your go to for near enough everything these days! You can get pretty much anything from the best clothes to wear to helping with your gym workouts and so on…. here are some of my personal favourite accounts that I follow which I find useful based on things I enjoy (Health, Fitness, Travel and Motivation)


1. @oneforthegram


So first up I want to introduce my good friend Praz who runs this account! If you want to see some stunning images of beautiful landscape and iconic landmarks, this is the account to follow! His photos are from all around the world, Most of the photos are taken with his drone giving him some of the most breath-taking pictures you will see on the gram, get around him guys!

2. @james_smudge


Another guy I have fortunately had the pleasure of meeting is James Smith. James is a soccer coach in the USA as well as an international health coach helping people all over the globe with achieving their goals via his Instagram account and his website. His account is full of motivation and sound nutrition tips. Well worth a follow!


get through hell

Feeling down on yourself or just had a bad day? This account is literally just for inspirational/motivational pictures with great phrases on which I am sure you can relate to your everyday life and I can guarantee will make you feel better about yourself . I personally read these on the regular to keep myself going!

4. @gildeafitness


Want some new and interesting ideas to burn fat? This is the guy to be following, his account is packed with hundreds of different HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) videos meaning that working out will never become repetitive or boring again! He has his own unique style which for me stands out compared to a lot of other personal trainers on Instagram! Also has some pretty funny Instagram stories as well.

5. @jacks.flight.club

jacks flight club

Looking for a cheap flight to anywhere in the world…. jacks flight club is ridiculous! It is completely free to join up, you then get email alerts on some seriously cheap flights to pretty much every destination you could think of. They also have a premium membership which you’ve got to pay a monthly fee to access even better deals! Certainly worth the value if you are a regular jet setter!


Once again guys thank you so much for reading my posts! I hope these accounts will help you moving forward. Feel free to leave me any advice, comments or feedback!!

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