How to stay motivated!

Ever find yourself in the situation where you have been training or working so hard  then all of a sudden you wake up and just think ” I can’t be bothered” or perhaps you aren’t seeing the goals/results that you would want? We have all been there trust me. Motivation is sometimes a skill that has to be learned rather than coming naturally from within, after all if getting motivated was so easy, everyone would be doing it right? But without nothing to work towards how can you add any fuel to the fire to keep you going?! Here are some things you can work on to help yourself achieve some of your goals, not only do theses principles apply in sport but also in aspects of everyday life as well.

inky johson
The man in this picture is a guy named Inky Johnson, Anyone looking for motivation/inspiration look this guy up online. His story will 100% give you a massive boost of motivation.


Make sure you START!

The first step to even getting on track to achieve your goals is making a start, get up off the couch and go and sign up to a gym/club/team or whatever it may be. Get out and DO IT!

Set some GOALS

Right, so you are there. You’ve signed up to your gym/club, now you need something to work towards! A good way of doing this is to use the SMART principle.

Specific– Clearly define your goal, rather than  just saying ” I just want to lose some weight” this is way to vague with not much direction towards the goal, instead try saying to yourself “Ok, so I want to lose 16lbs,trying to lose 2lbs per week” then once you have achieved that goal, set another!

Measurable- Learn how to measure your progress, set a time frame that you want to achieve your goal in. Start out by measuring your own fitness, Then determine a 4 week goal based on your fitness levels. For example, If you are starting out and can run 5 miles in 45 minutes, a measurable and realistic target/goal would be to run 5 miles in 42 minutes or under by the end of your 4 week time frame.

Achievable- Even if you are just starting out or class yourself to be a seasoned training junky, don’t set the bar too high for yourself. Obviously have a long-term goal you want to reach, but set little goals along the way in order to ACHIEVE that goal. Setting targets which aren’t achievable can lead to you thinking you have failed yourself and in turn you will not feel good about yourself, so create little stepping-stones along the way!

Relevant- Make sure your goal is important to you! don’t set a goal or sign up to something just because your friends and family have done it. Find something that excites you in order to keep yourself motivated! If you are doing something you don’t enjoy, the chances are you won’t want to carry on doing it!

Time frame/Time bound- A similar principle to the measurable part of SMART, give yourself an ample amount of time to complete your goals and be honest to yourself when you are setting them. In turn take things into consideration in your life when setting a time related goal whether its having kids or you are busy at work, factors like these could hinder the progression of what you are working towards so bare that in mind when setting targets!







Prove people wrong- There isn’t a  more satisfying feeling than doing something that everyone told you that you cannot do, use this negativity to push yourself forward. A lot of people will try to drag you down and tell you your goals are stupid or unachievable, keep focused and concentrate on what YOU are doing, don’t let anyone distract you or tell you that you can’t do something. At the end of the day you would rather try with the chance of failure, rather than not trying at all!

Surround yourself with like-minded people- There is a saying I once read somewhere that said ” the people you surround yourself with is the person you become” which is so true. If you are associating yourself with people with no drive or ambition, the chances are you will become the same, be around similar minded people to you! If you want to achieve your  goals get in with people who have the same end goal as you, for example if you want to run a marathon? join a running club! Want to do better in your business? surround yourself with successful  business owners.

Make a change- If you are in the gym or in a job that you aren’t happy with, make a change. Life is way to short to be wasted doing things we don’t love! A lot of people think its difficult to make a change or are afraid of it. Making a change doesn’t necessarily mean quitting it just means you might need a change of focus to re-energize you. For example you have been a long distance runner you’re whole life then you feel like you’ve had enough, take a break and go and try something new then re visit the running after a break.

REST- It is so important to know your own body, no matter how old or experienced you are the chance of ‘ burnout’ is very much a reality. So from time to time just learn when to take a step back and take a break from whatever you are doing and take time to rest.


There you have some ways to keep yourself motivated during times when you feel like giving up! Thank you for taking the time to read. Feel free to add any comments on what ive written I would love the feedback!


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